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Valerie grew up seeking magic in the little things from her daily life. She created her online persona, ViViMoji, as a way to explore and share her art online. Originally an illustrator with a passion for drawing and sketching stories that portray her love of the whimsical and all that is fantasy. Her use of strong ink lines, thin and thick, allowed her to transfer to digital easily. Using vector shapes and expand the mix between illustration and design in her work. 


Valerie worked at a wall art home decor canvas company for over five years. Working on in-house branding of collections and creating original art for peoples homes. Paying attention to trends, styles and colors was key.  Constantly problem solving with any task given to her; she would pursue forward using both art and design knowledge. Valerie worked on creating the original product art, raw image files, as well as the web images for when the product goes live on site. She has worked on print files, for when the product is ready to be sent to the printers to for a customer's order.     


Valerie works by following her heart. Constantly learning and analyzing to grow, she combines her illustration knowledge and design skills so that everything she does is full of heart and poetic soul.

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